Issue Preview: July, 2016. Jordan Senarens

Our July 2016 inaugural issue of Artborne Magazine features: Jordan Senarens, a recent University of Central Florida graduate, whose work, “focuses on the synthesis of art and science,” the figurative paintings of B-Side artist; Peterson Guerrier, and the ceramic works of Richard Munster. 



Untitled design

Jordan Senarens


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Also in the July issue:

  • Featured: Peterson Guerrier
  • Featured: Richard Munster
  • Pat Greene’s Location Location Location
  • Out of Towner: Kev Von Holt
  • Review: OMA’s Florida Prize 
  • Literature: Jess Bradley
  • Music Inter(Re)view: ISM 
  • Fashion: Dora Mae
  • Spotlight: Plinio Pinto

And More…