Fashion and Street Style

Street style–it’s a term most people are familiar with since the late and legendary Bill Cunningham brought it to the fold of the New York Times. He said, “The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been, and always will be.” He would snap unassuming photographs of people he didn’t know because of how they artistically choose to get dressed that morning. It not only became a big hit, but a large part of our culture today also devotes itself to this expression with blogs, Instagram, and websites.

I had originally wanted to write about something else this month, but in the wake of the month of June and the toll it took on our “little town”, I wanted to focus on our amazing community and introduce you to some of the most stylish people in town. I am even lucky enough to call some of them a friend (humble brag).


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Dana Roquemore photo by Anna Caibio

Dana Roquemore is a huge driving force in the community. From event planning to personal styling, she does it all. And chances are, if you have lived in Orlando for at least six months, you have been to one of her events. As the founder of The Dinner Party Project, the key for her is comfort, whether her look for the day is pulled together or simple and casual. Roquemore regards style as artistic, so, for her, colors are a must.

Instagram @danamarie57


JP Pratt photo by Teresa Pratt

JP Pratt photo by Teresa Pratt

JP Pratt is your not-so-average office guy turned photographer. He admits to always being conscious of what he’s worn–starting at an early age–but says he may not have always dressed well. Like most of us, he went through a head-to-toe “thrift store” phase (to be honest, I think some days I’m still in that phase myself). Since becoming a photographer, Pratt’s style has evolved into something he calls simply-classic: tailored fits, muted colors, and layers when the weather allows.

Instagram @thejppratt


Ally Skye photo by Melanie Rose

Ally Skye photo by Melanie Rose

Ally Skye is the district manager of local store, Forema. With two locations in two very different neighborhoods, what remains the same is the community Ally creates in the 17 miles in between. She brings an edge to boho that is unexpected, and she can never be seen without a signature statement accessory to tie it all together.

Instagram @allyskye327


Albie Flores Capece photo by Josh Velez Polez

Albie Flores Capece photo by Josh Velez Polez

Albie Flores Capece and I had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating on several projects about six years ago. Capece is a hair stylist with a unique aesthetic and fresh approach to design. Much like an actor, he changes his look based on mood, vibe, and destination. There are two things that, no matter what, always remain the same: he is flawless and ALWAYS has a bag–an oversized portfolio, duffle, backpack, or a kitschy novelty piece.

Instagram @albiecapece


Anna Christmas photo by

Anna Christmas (yes, that is her real name) is truly a gift. Her artsy side is revealed as the owner and designer for Coastridge, a jewelry line; her business side shows through with running a brand development, lifestyle, and and fashion consulting firm at SID Enterprises. Her style is like finding a flower growing out of a crack in a sidewalk–unexpected, yet a pleasant surprise. Her style mirrors this making each choice look effortless, from gala to brunch. For Christmas, dressing is an emotional experience. She thinks that every man should own a perfectly tailored suit, and each woman should own a piece that makes her feel beautiful and tells a story of who she is. For her, that’s her cowboy boots and a black leather jacket.

Instagram @anna_marie_christmas