Artborne Magazine is an independently published, print and online publication dedicated to the development and advancement of Orlando’s art scene. The monthly magazine features local artists and organizations, and ranges from Q&A’s, essays, reviews, and artists spotlights on the fine arts, music, performance, fashion, and literary worlds.

Artborne August Release Party at Redlight Redlight


Jonathan Yubi Gomez
Founder & Publisher
Matt Duke
Co-Founder & Creative Director
Jason Fronczek
Senior Photographer & Lead Design
Stephanie D Ercole
Patrick Green


  • Charlie Griffin | Columnist
  • Jenn Allen | Contributing Writer & Photographer
  • Vanessa Barros Andrade | Contributing Writer
  • Hind Berji | Contributing Writer
  • Rob Goldman | Contributing Writer
  • Mary McGinn | Contributing Writer
  • Jessica Pirani | Contributing Writer
  • Leah Sandler | Contributing Writer
  • Laila Silva | Contributing Writer
  • Mariana Mora | Contributing Photographer