Artist Spotlight: Brandy Renee

Detail from I Don’t Wanna Hold Your Hand..., Acrylic on canvas

Detail from I Don’t Wanna Hold Your Hand…, Acrylic on canvas

Brandy Renee is a Florida native. Her artwork is inspired by nature and the spiritual side of things. Her pieces reflect the emotional state of being through paintings of forests, trees, and water as felt and re-told by her. You can see her vision come to life in her works. Her mother was an artist with no formal training and taught her all of the technical aspects of art she could handle. Renee found herself in an abstract world. Here is where she felt the freest. Her need to create became more of a way for her to escape. She is not tied to rules when she is creating art, the rules of life do not apply in her art world.

She likes to lock herself away and paint in solitude. She is mainly silly and messy when she’s painting. Her philosophy about art is just to do what you want and be honest about it. For whatever reason you are doing it, just do it for you.

She currently travels the Southeast exhibiting in fine art shows, selling her work while competing for awards. The Polk Museum of Art selected her to be the poster artist for the Mayfaire Art Show, she also landed a Mayfaire billboard and won the Mayfaire Honorable Mention award. She has been the recipient of Best of Show, Award of Excellence, Juror’s Choice and Judge’s Choice awards in the Southeast.


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