Issue Preview. August 2016. Boy Kong. Forrest Lawson. Matthew Cornell

Our August 2016 issue of Artborne Magazine features: Boy Kong, a self-taught artist and Orlando native, the hyper-realistic landscape paintings of Matthew Cornell, and Forrest Lawson’s series; Closeted, an ongoing sculptural body of work exploring the LGBTQ community.


August Cover final

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Also in the August issue:

  • Architecture: A Groovier Thing
  • From the Desk of Pat Greene: Fear and Loathing of Contemporary Gun Culture
  • Out of Towner: In Honor of the Land
  • Review: Culture Pop Presents Stories Untold
  • Literature: LitLando 
  • First Contact : DJK8
  • Fashion: NOXCAPE
  • Spotlight: Earl Funk

And More…