April Publisher’s Note

Photo by Jason Fronczek

This month’s issue of ARTBORNE features the works of Orlando icon Andrew Spear, the satirical representations of Kieran Castaño, and the discarded and destructive works of Forrest MacDonald. Months like these, where we combine the works of established Orlando icons with the works of talented emerging artists, we do so with the purpose of curating a publication that places Orlando as a serious player in the regional arts scene.

In his interview with Kyle Eagle, Andrew Spear says, “When your ego gets involved is when you get sloppy and it gets in the way. You stop producing.” With summer approaching, Orlando winds down as the universities release their students, and corporations dole out employee vacations. Spring has officially arrived, and with it, the last few festivals before the new arts season in the fall. Don’t get lazy, Orlando.

During the months of June, July, and August, we’ll be covering the art scenes throughout Tampa, St. Petersburg, Miami, St. Augustine, and Gainesville. We look forward to inspiring readers as we introduce a sampling of the talent throughout the Sunshine State.

I would like to announce the beginnings of the the next step in ARTBORNE’s evolution. We’re honored and proud to announce that Avatar Company has taken ARTBORNE on as a client in our efforts to establish our non-profit branch, Artborne Contemporary. I look forward to sharing our complete vision next month.

Jonathan Yubi