February Publisher’s Note

Photo by Jason Fronczek

As we dove into creating and curating this issue of ARTBORNE, we were conscious of the intense political climate in our country. In this edition, we feature Maxwell Hartley, our cover artist, as a “visitor from a parallel universe…charged with the task of delivering humankind in this universe from its own demise.” We also had engaged in great discourse with contemporary portrait painter, Rima Jabbur, and Robert Rivers, a dynamic printmaker and draftsman.

At the age of 36, Vincent van Gogh wrote to his brother, “You tell me not to worry too much and that better days will yet come for me. I must tell you that these better days have already begun for me…”

Art has a penchant for healing. It can also be a powerful tool for expressing dissent. As you look through the pages of Artborne, I hope you discover the profound effect all disciplines of art can have. Revolutionary ideas and actions have already begun. Look to the millions of women marching for fundamental rights. Look to the establishment of Black History Month 40 years ago—the celebration of a people whose history is marked with oppression, and yet who continually find beauty and inspiration in the deepest scars.

The better days are already upon us, because you are here, and you have power.

Jonathan B Yubi Gomez
Founder & Publisher