March Publisher’s Note

Photo by Jason Fronczek

Though we Floridians endured a hyperbolically long and brutal winter, we can rest assured that it has come to an end. With the change in seasons comes transformation. Fiction writer A.C. Crispin once wrote, “Remember that on any world the wind eventually wears away the stone, because the stone can only crumble; the wind can change.”

With new beginnings and a whirlwind of immense change, so too does ARTBORNE grow. Orlando has been thirsty for growth in the arts; the millions funneled into the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center should serve as an indicator. And yet, Orlando remains a small, conservative city in the arts, content to produce pleasant work with little desire to challenge anyone—challenge being a word often associated with offense.

The March issue of ARTBORNE Magazine features the confrontational imagery of Becky Flanders, along with Chris Carr’s reflective photo series, and the “natural glitches” of Brooks Dierdorff. I sincerely hope as you read through the articles this month, you generate questions beyond your comfort zone. After all, that’s where the magic happens.

Jonathan Yubi