Artborne Magazine Launches as Paid Publication in Print and Online

Artborne Magazine has officially launched as a paid publication. Since day one, Artborne Founders Jonathan Yubi and Matt Duke have envisioned a paid magazine. Of course, “we needed to wait until we had a larger audience before we could make the natural transition into a paid publication,” said Jonathan Yubi at yesterday’s press conference.

The magazine will no longer be distributed for free at the two dozen locations throughout Central Florida. Artborne will now be available at Walmarts and Sams Clubs throughout the State for $6.99. Beginning at midnight of April 1, 2017, accessing will cost $8.00 per month.

There will also be some natural changes occurring in regards to the magazine’s content. In order to appease southern distributers, Artborne will upgrade from 30% ad content per issue, to the national standard of 47%. Matt Duke wrote, “Hopefully these changes won’t affect our bottom line.




In other breaking news, Donald Trump buys majority share of Artborne Magazine, renames us “TRUMPBORNE” More on that story tomorrow.

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  1. Art Curator Douglas Boris Garbe, in the white shirt, is all over Orlando teaching people about art. Introducing new Artists and bringing awareness to long working Artists that some might not be aware of. He is full of energy and enthusiasm. Whether it’s in print, on the radio, in the Gallary at Mills Park or on the podcast. Boris should not be missed!

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