June Publisher’s Note

Photo by Jason Fronczek

The June issue of ARTBORNE Magazine marks a milestone for our publication. We’ve designed, printed and published twelve issues—one year—of Orlando arts and culture. Throughout the last twelve months, we’ve had some extraordinary artists grace the pages of ARTBORNE. This month we’ll be featuring the works of Nicholas “Loaf” Boyd, Maureen Hudas, and Christopher Tobar Rodriguez.

I would be remiss if I didn’t give our staff the utmost praise for completing a year of publication. On April 15, 2016, only weeks after meeting Matt Duke, I was obsessed with the idea of approaching him to collaborate on this project. He took it upon himself to co-found this publication, and see it through completion. Days later, Jason Fronczek messaged me via a social media platform, and within weeks of joining our team, designed from scratch the product you see in front of you. During a meeting over coffee mid-July, Stephanie D’Ercole joined the ranks of ARTBORNE and strengthened the quality of content overnight.

In mentioning all the above, I’d like to remind you that art is amazing. It transcends all boundaries and has the ability to tackle nearly any obstacle. In the coming months, I hope you understand the symbolism of the chosen cover image for June by Nicholas Boyd, in relation to the path of ARTBORNE Magazine. In spite of it being cliche, I’d like to mention—every ending is just another beginning.

Jonathan Yubi